‘Google Great Innovations! Image search by color with Silverlight!’

I want to meet everyone, especially the great; Google does not offer advanced options, there is a great service. Any color according to the image search results can be questioned. Image search results to include the address at the end of the code: “& imgcolor = color” is.

So this great feature to help us learn how to use it? For example, want to make mercedes brand cars, but we want to have a yellow or red color. With Google’s technology to meet the miracle here Silverlight is entering the circuit.

How to distinguish colors?

According to Google-style search is using Microsoft’s Silverlight technology.GSearch.SL2, GSearch.NET library for the Google image search is presented as a version of Silverlight 2 is the code.This calls not only below the visual search of the kind that can be used in;

blogs, books, images, locations, news, patents, video.

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